Complete list

Restriction without quantification:
embedding and probability for indicative conditionals

to appear in Ergo
Games and cardinalities in inquisitive first-order logic
to appear in the Review of Symbolic Logic — with Gianluca Grilletti
Inquisitive bisimulation (preprint)
Journal of Symbolic Logic — with Martin Otto

Attitude semantics
Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium
Indicative conditionals and graded information (preprint)
Journal of Philosophical Logic
Questions and dependency in intuitionistic logic (preprint)
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic — with R. Iemhoff and F. Yang
Intuitionistic conditional logics (preprint)
Journal of Philosophical Logic — with Xinghan Liu
Minimal-change counterfactuals in intuitionistic logic
LORI — with Xinghan Liu
Undefinability in inquisitive logic with tensor
LORI — with Fausto Barbero
An Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé game for inquisitive first-order logic  (preprint)
TbILLC — with Gianluca Grilletti

Inquisitive semantics
Oxford University Press — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen
Questions as Information Types
Dependence statements are strict conditionals
Two switches in the theory of counterfactuals
Linguistics and Philosophy — with Linmin Zhang and Lucas Champollion
An inquisitive perspective on modals and quantifiers
Annual Review of Linguistics — with Floris Roelofsen

Question meaning = resolution conditions
Logic and Logical Philosophy
Hurford’s constraint, the semantics of disjunction,
and the nature of alternatives
Natural Language Semantics — with Floris Roelofsen
Implicatures of modified numerals: quantity or quality?
Sinn und Bedeutung — with Liz Coppock and Floris Roelofsen
Bisimulation in inquisitive modal logic
TARK — with Martin Otto
The dynamic logic of stating and asking:
a study of inquisitive dynamic modalities


Questions in Logic
PhD dissertation, University of Amsterdam
Dependency as Question Entailment
Dependence Logic: theory and applications
Propositional inquisitive logic: a survey
Mathematical Foundation of Informatics
Composing Alternatives
Linguistics and Philosophy — with Floris Roelofsen and Nadine Theiler 
Lifting conditionals to inquisitive semantics
Breaking de Morgan’s law in counterfactual antecedents
SALT — with Lucas Champollion and Linmin Zhang 

Inquisitive dynamic epistemic logic
Synthese — with Floris Roelofsen
On the semantics and logic of declaratives and interrogatives
Synthese — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen 
Alternatives in Montague Grammar
Sinn und Bedeutung — with Floris Roelofsen

Modalities in the realm of questions:
axiomatizing inquisitive epistemic logic

Interrogative dependencies and the
constructive content of inquisitive proofs

Information, issues, and attention
Approaches to Meaning: Composition, Values, and Interpretation. A festschrift for Ede Zimmermann — with J. Groenendijk and F. Roelofsen


Inquisitive semantics: a new notion of meaning
Language and Linguistics Compass — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen
A logical account of free-choice imperatives
The dynamic, inquisitive, and visionary life of φ, ?φ, and ◊φ. A festschrift for Groenendijk, Stokhof, and Veltman — with Maria Aloni
Towards a logic of information exchange: an inquisitive witness semantics
TbILLC — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen

Inquisitive Logic
Journal of Philosophical Logic — with Floris Roelofsen  
A canonical model for presheaf semantics

Generalized inquisitive logic: completeness via intuitionistic Kripke models
TARK — with Floris Roelofsen  
A first-order inquisitive semantics
Amsterdam Colloquium
Inquisitive Semantics and Intermediate Logics
MSc thesis, University of Amsterdam.
Attention! Might in inquisitive semantics
SALT — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen