Conference proceedings

Attitude semantics
2019. Amsterdam Colloquium
Minimal-change counterfactuals in intuitionistic logic
2019. LORI — with Xinghan Liu
Undefinability in inquisitive logic with tensor
2019. LORI — with Fausto Barbero
Dependence statements are strict conditionals
2018. AiML
Implicatures of modified numerals: quantity or quality?
2017. Sinn und Bedeutung — with Liz Coppock and Floris Roelofsen
Bisimulation in inquisitive modal logic
2017. TARK — with Martin Otto
The dynamic logic of stating and asking:
a study of inquisitive dynamic modalities

2017. LoRI
Lifting conditionals to inquisitive semantics
2016. SALT
Breaking de Morgan’s law in counterfactual antecedents
2016. SALT — with Lucas Champollion and Linmin Zhang 
Propositional inquisitive logic: a survey
2016. Mathematical Foundation of Informatics
Alternatives in Montague Grammar
2015. Sinn und Bedeutung — with Floris Roelofsen
Modalities in the realm of questions:
axiomatizing inquisitive epistemic logic

2014. AiML
Interrogative dependencies and the
constructive content of inquisitive proofs

2014. WoLLIC
Towards a logic of information exchange: an inquisitive witness semantics
2013. TbILLC — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen
Generalized inquisitive logic: completeness via intuitionistic Kripke models
2009. TARK — with Floris Roelofsen  
A first-order inquisitive semantics
2009. Amsterdam Colloquium
Attention! Might in inquisitive semantics
2009. SALT — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen