Journal papers

The restrictor view, without covert modals
2021. Linguistics & Philosophy
Restriction without quantification:
embedding and probability for indicative conditionals
2021. Ergo, forthcoming.
Games and cardinalities in inquisitive first-order logic (preprint)
Review of Symbolic Logic — with Gianluca Grilletti
Inquisitive bisimulation (preprint)
2021. Journal of Symbolic Logic — with Martin Otto
Indicative conditionals and graded information (preprint)
2020. Journal of Philosophical Logic
Questions and dependency in intuitionistic logic (preprint)
2020. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic — with R. Iemhoff and F. Yang
Intuitionistic conditional logics(preprint)
2020. Journal of Philosophical Logic — with Xinghan Liu
Questions as Information Types
2018. Synthese.
Two switches in the theory of counterfactuals
2018. Linguistics and Philosophy — with L. Zhang and L. Champollion.
An inquisitive perspective on modals and quantifiers
2018. Annual Review of Linguistics — with F. Roelofsen.
Question meaning = resolution conditions
2017. Logic and Logical Philosophy.
Hurford’s constraint, the semantics of disjunction,
and the nature of alternatives
2017. Natural Language Semantics — with F. Roelofsen.
Composing Alternatives
2016. Linguistics and Philosophy — with F. Roelofsen and N. Theiler.
Inquisitive dynamic epistemic logic
2015. Synthese — with F. Roelofsen.
On the semantics and logic of declaratives and interrogatives
2015. Synthese — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen.
Inquisitive semantics: a new notion of meaning
2013. Language and Linguistics Compass — with J. Groenendijk and F. Roelofsen.
Inquisitive Logic
2011. Journal of Philosophical Logic — with F. Roelofsen.