Bisimulation in inquisitive modal logic
To be presented at TARK — with Martin Otto
The dynamic logic of stating and asking:
a study of inquisitive dynamic modalities

To be presented at LoRI
Questions and dependency in intuitionistic logic
Submitted for publication — with Rosalie Iemhoff and Fan Yang

Questions in Logic
PhD dissertation, University of Amsterdam
Questions as Information Types
Dependency as Question Entailment
Dependence Logic: theory and applications
Propositional inquisitive logic: a survey
Proceedings of Mathematical Foundations of Informatics

Inquisitive dynamic epistemic logic
Synthese — with Floris Roelofsen
On the semantics and logic of declaratives and interrogatives
Synthese — with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen 

Modalities in the realm of questions:
axiomatizing inquisitive epistemic logic

Proceedings of AiML2014
Interrogative dependencies and the
constructive content of inquisitive proofs

Proceedings of WoLLIC2014

Inquisitive Logic
Journal of Philosophical Logic — with Floris Roelofsen  
A canonical model for presheaf semantics
Proceedings of Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic (TACL)

Generalized inquisitive logic: completeness via intuitionistic Kripke models
Proceedings of TARK — with Floris Roelofsen  
A first-order inquisitive semantics
Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium
Inquisitive Semantics and Intermediate Logics
MSc thesis, University of Amsterdam.