Modal logic

Describing neighborhoods in inquisitive modal logic
Advances in Modal Logic
Inquisitive bisimulation (preprint)
Journal of Symbolic Logic — with Martin Otto
Intuitionistic conditional logics (preprint)
Journal of Philosophical Logic — with Xinghan Liu
Minimal-change counterfactuals in intuitionistic logic
LORI 19 — with Xinghan Liu
Dependence statements are strict conditionals
AiML 18
Bisimulation in inquisitive modal logic
TARK 17 — with Martin Otto
The dynamic logic of stating and asking:
A study of inquisitive dynamic modalities

LoRI 17
Questions in Logic, Ch. 6–8
PhD dissertation, University of Amsterdam
Modalities in the realm of questions:
axiomatizing inquisitive epistemic logic
AiML 14 
Inquisitive dynamic epistemic logic
Synthese — with Floris Roelofsen