PhD projects
Gianluca Grilletti, University of Amsterdam 2016-2020
Dissertation: Questions & Quantification.
Output published in Studia Logica, Review of Symbolic Logic
Adrian Ommundsen, LMU Munich 2021-present
MSc/MA projects
Adrian Ommundsen, LMU 2020
Thesis: Frequential conditionals
Journal submission in preparation.
Max Zeuner, LMU 2020
Thesis: Model checking for inquisitive logic
Journal submission in preparation.
Xinghan Liu, LMU 2018
Thesis: Intuitionistic Lewisian conditional logics
Results published in the Journal of Philosophical Logic.
Thom van Gessel, University of Amsterdam 2016
Thesis: Action models in inquisitive logic
Results published in Synthese.
Benjamin Sparkes, University of Amsterdam 2016
Thesis: Inquisitive conditional-doxastic logic
BA students
Julia Schrank, LMU 2019
Thesis: Meaning differences of polarity particle and echo responses: A comparison across languages
Hannah Pillin, LMU 2019
Thesis: Is and might not be. Three puzzles about epistemic modals.
Davide Versari, Università di Pavia 2019
Thesis: The treatment of embedded questions in Inquisitive Semantics