I work as an assistant professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy of LMU.
My areas of research are logic and natural language semantics.
A large part of my work is devoted to bringing out the importance of questions in logic, and developing a mathematical theory of classical logics extended with questions. This line of research has deep connections with dependence logic, intuitionistic logic, truth-maker semantics, modal logic, and dynamic epistemic logics. This enterprise is the topic of my recently completed dissertation.
Within linguistics, I work on the semantics of questions and the role of alternatives in semantics (especially in combination with conditionals, modals, and imperatives). I also work on foundational issues, such as the nature and structure of semantic objects, and the compositional architecture of semantic frameworks.
Together with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen, since 2008 I have developed and studied inquisitive semantics, a semantic framework in which meaning is designed to capture both information and issues.
I teach courses in logic and formal semantics in the MCMP Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science.
Recently I was grateful to receive a Prize for good teaching, awarded based on the votes of students in the whole LMU philosophy department.