I currently work as an assistant professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy of LMU. My areas of research are logic, philosophy of language, and formal semantics.
My main topic of interest are the semantics, logic, and pragmatics of fragments of language whose analysis calls for resources beyond those of standard truth-conditional semantics. In particular, I have been interested in questions, conditionals, epistemic modals, and imperatives.
Together with Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen, I have developed Inquisitive Semantics, a framework which allows for a unified analysis of statements and questions.
My work connects with a range of topics in logic (modal, intuitionistic, dependence, dynamic, and truth-maker logics) philosophy of language (expressivism, dynamic semantics, hyper-intensionality), formal semantics (compositional semantics of questions, modals, and conditionals), philosophy of mind (question-directed attitudes), and epistemology (belief revision, contrastive knowledge). 
I teach courses in logic and formal semantics in the MCMP Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science. Recently I was grateful to receive a Prize for good teaching, awarded based on the votes of students in the whole LMU philosophy department.